Kids Dental Care
Kids Dental Care

Advantages of Bringing Your Kids at Shree Hari Dental Care and Implant Centre

The way in which a youngster is acquainted with medicinal check-ups and medications through the initial couple of years will decide their expectations about how they administer to their own oral well-being later on. In this way, oral examinations that are conducted early is fundamental in the discovery of issues, for example, early tooth decay and precaution measures, which can keep up your kid’s oral well-being and general span of life. Another advantage of taking your kid to the dental practitioner is that it helps them to become more responsible for their dental health. At the point when a kid is growing up, clean teeth can help them to talk comfortably and smile more often.

Key Advice to Parents :

  • Parents are requested to keep the baby’s mouth clean at all times even before the tooth erupts with a soft wet towel or wipe.
  • Start brushing your child’s teeth as early as possible with extra soft tooth brush and rice sized non-fluoride toothpaste.
  • Brushing at night is more important than the morning to avoid decay. The level of dental decay increases proportionately with the length of time the teeth are exposed to sugary content and the bacteria can effectively lower the pH as the salivary flow is diminished during sleeping.
  • Always give sugary food in between the meals or ensure proper brushing or rinsing whenever your child consumes sweets.
  • Monitor your child’s diet keenly and minimize junk food and aerated drinks.
  • Supervise your child’s brushing until he/she is 7-8 years old and/or have the manual dexterity and intent of keeping their mouth clean without reprimand.